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Outlook express? Did I hear NVDA say outlook express? I thought that was gone!


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Outlook express is as old as the hills and twice as dusty. Why do you use something that's no longer supported? Get off of the outlook express train and use something like outlook or thunderbird.






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gene I still use outlook express one of the things that windows 10 does and you can clarify some of the older programs that people used with XP we liked and in my opinion Microsoft has no business telling people to update, they should and could have improved XP and Internet explorer, you and I just and Bryan and some others on this list feel or should I say have different   opinions or beliefs, if it ain't broken don't fix it and also this windows 11 some of us don't have the money to by another computer.    

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Windows 10 is similar to Windows7.  There are new features and some things are in different places but Windows is Windows. 

When I started using Windows 10, I could do almost everything I did in Windows 7 with almost no learning.  I did learn about certain new features and some minor changes but I was able to use almost everything I knew from Windows 7.

Whenever you hear claims such as that This new version of Windows is much harder or much different than the proceeding one, be skeptical.  I've heard this over and over.  It is seldom true. 

there is all sorts of misinformation and equivalent of rumors circulated in the blind computer using community and lists like this and general  blindness technology lists are places where you can ask about what you hear that is discouraging and find out if there is anything to it. 


On 4/4/2022 2:56 PM, Joseph Machise wrote:

Brian some of us blind people have trouble with windows10 don't no weather you are blind or sited it is a lot easier for a sited person than some of us blind people to use a computer, some of us are not very techie and some people have a lot of trouble with windows10. 

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On Mon, Apr 4, 2022 at 02:32 PM, Gene wrote:

Can you use the version of the weather add-on you currently have?  If it does what you want and you don't want to upgrade NVDA, then use the current version of the add-on.  If you can no longer use it later, then worry about upgrading NVDA.


Logic dictates that this issue has arisen with whatever versions of NVDA and Weather Plus that Mr. Machise already has, or the question would not have arisen in the first place.

But putting that aside, it is a very, very bad idea to suggest not updating software in general as updates become available.  This is particularly so with NVDA and its add-ons.

Avoiding updates, except in rare occasions, just keeps digging a deeper and deeper "compatibility/incompatibility" hole that is going to eventually have to be gotten out of.  There is a reason that the group rules state:  The discussion of software on the NVDA Group is limited to software currently in support.  Depending on the type of software, specific version numbers will change with time.  Users are expected to know what remains in support and what has been dropped, and announcements will be made to this group when new software is released. It should be assumed that, when a new version of software is released, primary discussion will take place on that version, not versions of software which are years old. 

That's not there because it's my personal preference (though I'll admit that it is) but because no software maker, and certainly not NVAccess or Microsoft, is going to try to maintain perpetual backward compatibility.  Computing is a stream, and one must really become accustomed to flowing with it as a matter of best practice whenever possible.  Eventually, choice completely leaves the picture.

Even though NVDA remains compatible with Windows 7 at the moment, the writing is clearly on the wall about that not continuing all that much longer.  Windows 8.1 is less than a year from sunset/end of life.  The expectation that the entire Windows ecosystem under which NVDA and its add-ons are being used will be one that is in support in order for it to be discussed here is not optional.  I continue to allow the discussion of NVDA under Windows 7 because so long as it does remain backward compatible with Windows 7 that version of NVDA remains on-topic.  But upon release of the first version of NVDA that is not compatible with Windows 7, then all things Windows 7 and earlier will be, as they have been, relegated to the Chat Subgroup or to other venues.

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