Sharing screen with Zoom or Microsoft Teams and NVDA

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello all,

I regularly have to share my screen in Zoom or Microsoft Teams to present slide content in HTML.

I used Firefox but I encountered problems, described below, and I then tried to use Chrome, but the problems occur as well.

For both browsers, I have the updated versions and I use NVDA 2021.3.5.

I encounter some problems with screen sharing with NVDA in Zoom, sometimes as well in Microsoft Teams.

When screen sharing is on, some browser commands do not work anymore. For example, pressing the space bar to show the next slide or typing an URL in the address bar. The browser does not respond, or I can read things with the braille display that are updated but people I am talking to see older parts of the slides.

Sometimes, only pressing Windows and M to access the desktop does not work anymore.

When screen sharing is disabled again or when NVDA is not in use (for my colleagues, for example), the problem of screen sharing and the lack of responsiveness in the browser does not occur.

Has anybody encountered issues with screen sharing with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and NVDA?

Thank you for any experience you may have.



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