Re: NVDA beta

Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

Please tell me you're kidding! If so, there went my days of using NVDA, as though a lot say ESpeak is very clear, I have a profound hearing loss, and I do mean, profound. Like, 75 percent loss in one ear, and 80 in the other. Even with my hearing aids, I cannot understand ESpeak. Even Vocalizer is somewhat difficult. That's the main reason I bought the CF version of Eloquence. Obviously, I want to be legit! That's about the only synth I'm able to understand. I know a lot hate it worth a purple and pink passion, but it's what since the very very very early 2000's I've grown used to, so now, unfortunately, it's about all I can understand.

Please devs, don't do this, if so! You'll definitely lose a user if you do, and I'd hate that.


On 4/5/2022 5:59 PM, Don H wrote:
So it appears that the latest beta of NVDA will not work with the code factory vocalizer/eleoquinse addon.  Is this going to be true when the next released version of NVDA is available?

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