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On Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 05:59 PM, Don H wrote:
Is this going to be true when the next released version of NVDA is available?
Who knows?  The only person or people who do are the developers of the Code Factory add-on, and that's where you should be asking if you want a definitive answer.

Not that I don't think that this is a legitimate question, because it is, but it is not NVAccess or any of the membership here that can answer it.  The structure, and it's been the structure for years, is that NVDA Add-Ons are completely separate entities from NVDA itself and whether or not they get updated is up to the developers of those add-ons.

Anything related to an add-on and that includes bug reports, questions about upcoming updates (or the lack thereof), etc., must be directed to the developers of those add-ons via the mechanisms they require for communication (often, but not always, GitHub).

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