Re: NVDA beta

Johnny Lam

On Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 3:10 PM Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...> wrote:
Please tell me you're kidding! 

You could just keep the older version of NVDA for a few months at least, I’m sure they will eventually have updated versions of the add-ons for eloquence and IBM via voices.
Right now I’m not upgrading either, because of course the add-on compatibility will break all of my existing add-ons, such as the deck talk synthesizers that I use. I remember when NVDA 2019.3 and above came out, I had to wait at least a few months for the add-ons to be updated. So I would just keep your existing NVDA for now, so hopefully the speech synthesizer add-ons will be upgraded soon.
I apologize if there are any missed typos, voice dictation on the phone isn’t always accurate. Lol

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