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On Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 06:19 PM, Don H wrote:
It just seems that more and more of the most recent NVDA updates break such things as addon's
That perception is actual reality.  

Over the last couple of years there has been some major "under the hood" updating going on in the NVDA core code.  That's been plainly announced, well ahead of time, along with the fact that these changes will cause breaks in add-on compatibility if the add-on developers do not keep up.  This is not unique to NVDA and third party add-ons.

We've seen this with NVDA and JAWS over the years as major updates were occurring in Windows, too.  I can recall (and not just for screen readers) how many things "broke" in the early days of Windows 10 because the various software houses essentially did nothing to prepare for that release ahead of time and played catch up afterward.

We see it, and it's almost impossible to avoid, with web browsing and screen readers not infrequently as new parts of web coding come into existence, sometimes with minimal warning.

We are now in the age of everything "as a service" and that means that something, probably Windows primarily, and its update cadence will be driving the cadences of lots of other stuff.  But once you get into something like NVDA and its add-ons, the major updates to NVDA will dictate the cadence of updates to add-ons if those add-ons are still supported.

There can be, and almost certainly will be, periods of time where NVDA itself and its add-ons have relatively long plateau periods where major updates and backward compatibility breaking will not be occurring.  But that time is not now, and as far as I can see there are some add-ons that may very well become orphans and only work up to a given NVDA version, because their original developers have lost interest and no one else has picked up the ball to run with it.

And as disconcerting as that may be, I'd certainly not propose that NVDA stop its ongoing development, some of which involves backward compatibility breaking releases, because any given add-on might become an orphan.  NVDA's ongoing viability depends on it continuing to be worked on as the ecosystem in which it is immersed continues to change.  To do otherwise means that NVDA will cease to exist as a viable screen reader in the Windows sphere.

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