Re: SayAll not auto reading in Chrome


I had assumed that the screen-reader read automatically based on some way the browser knew the document was fully loaded and not on a specific notification to the screen-reader from the browser.  Doesn't the browser somehow know internally when a page is loaded?


On 4/8/2022 7:49 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


If it is Chrome 100, then it confirms the following issue:

In short, the issue is caused by NVDA waiting for a specific event to occur which does not occur in Chromium 100 (affecting Chrome and Edge), and according to a technical overview by Mick Curran from NV Access (Mick is the creator and head NVDA developer, by the way), an event which NVDA hasn't responded for some years is now used by Chromium 100 to tell observers (screen readers, in this case) that the webpage is loaded completely (this event is appropriately named "document load complete"). A fix is indeed in the works - not sure in which NVDA release this will be part of.



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