Re: experience sharing: Using NVDA's Gestures to Switch the Touchpad


Just one tiny, and not NVDA-related, addition to this which is on-topic for this particular thread.   A very great many laptop mousepads have the ability to be toggled on/off via a "corner tap" on the mousepad itself.  The laptop I'm on has a Synaptics touchpad.  In its touchpad properties, Tapping settings, that dialog contains a checkbox for Touchpad Disable Zone Settings where the checkbox itself reads:  Double Tap to enable or disable touchpad.  If you have this checked, a subsequent setting, Top Left Action (as that's where you have to double tap) can be set with a radio button to either Switch TouchPad off for one session or Switch TouchPad Off.

I hadn't realized mine also has accessibility options associated with it too that allows mouse movement to be slowed or constrained.

Not that using NVDA key mapping is in any way inappropriate, but there are often built-in methods for the device, too.

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