Re: Accessible screencasting programs?

Jacob Kruger

I've used webinaria a few times - primary issue was needed to then extract audio, boost it's volume, and then reapply it to video clip using combination of audacity and virtualdub:

And, it's interface isn't perfectly accessible, but, managed to get it working with NVDA screen review mode, after had used hotkeys to start and stop recordings.

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On 2016-03-17 5:37 PM, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
I know it is accessible, but according to the website it is no longer
the focus of the developers, which lead me to believe that there will be
no more major updates, and I think there is still no way to pause the
recording. Stopping the recording means that it creates a separate file,
what I'm looking for is to just pause and resume the recording, so when
I stop the recording, it would still be the same file.

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