locked Re: need help finding basic view in gmail


Use this link and book mark it or however you quickly get to pages.

It places you in the Simple HTML view.

If you were in the standard view and you shift tabbed enough with browse mode off, you would probably find the button, but I found when seeing if there is an efficient way to look for the button, that there isn't a reliable one.  You are likely to be placed a way down the page and you may have to shift tab fifteen or twenty times.  using the link I provided eliminates the need to find and use it.


On 4/18/2022 7:23 AM, Charles Adkins wrote:

For some reason, I cannot find the basic view in Gmail. I've tried turning browse mode off, shift tabbing the way I used to and it takes me to something that says older. I cannot find the basic html view no matter what I do. Have tried with latest NVDA, Windows 10 and eleven, with Google and Edge. Thanks. I'm not opposed to just going to an email client if there is one that works. Thanks. 


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