looking for some help with seika and NVDA

blind vador <tristan.bride@...>

Hello everyone.

Am new in this mailing list and haven't so much practice with this kind of messaging services so I hope I will not brake any rules or any thing else...

Am just in trouble with the latest version of NVDA and with my seika braille display.

it is a seika 40 (seika v5.16)

I have the seika drivers installed on my PC, but when am trying to select it on my braille display seting, I get a error message.

The nvda addon distributed on the seika's website isn't working with the latest version of nvda......

I realy hope I will not be force to buy a new braille display or any thing like that, cause I must use my braille display in my every days life.

Thank for reading, and sorry if someone have ever asked it, I haven't find any answer on line,.

Sorry for my english too, it is not my usual langage, so I just do what I can.

best regard.

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