Re: Please help, I think I’ve changed a setting in NVDA but I don’t know what it is or how to change it back again.

Luke Davis

Khalid Anwar wrote:

I have never heard of this tool before, how would I go about using it.
If you can get to the NVDA menu, perhaps by pressing Windows+B and arrowing up and down until you reach it in the task bar notifications area, then pressing enter, you may be able to try.
If you can get to the NVDA menu that way, you can go to Tools, then COM Registrations Fixing Tool, and select it.
Choose yes, then approve the UAC if any.

Also, I would like to try and restart NVDA without the add-ons but I can’t seem to get access to the NVDA settings menu, is there a keyboard shortcut for
If you have quit setup to show the exit menu, just press NVDA+Q, and go down to "Start with add-ons disabled", and press enter.

Also, you may try resetting your configuration to factory defaults. To do that, press NVDA+Ctrl+R three times fast.

Be aware that this will clear all your NVDA settings, if you let it save settings thereafter, which it will by default.

If you want to stop it from saving settings, you can uncheck "Save settings on exit" in NVDA's general settings (NVDA+Ctrl+G).

All of this assumes an English keyboard in the Desktop configuration.


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