Vocalizer, was: Re: [nvda] looking for some help with seika and NVDA

Rui Fontes


You are still using Vocalizer Expressive from our company, Tiflotecnia?

If so, please, send privatly to rui.fontes@..., a NVDA log file to try to catch the problem...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 07:47 de 19/04/2022, blind vador escreveu:


thank for your help. I was a litle scared cause the drivers seens to date to the win vista period but it's worked. so thank.

Sorry for this second question, but maybe...

I have a disturbing bug when am starting nvda.

Am using the nuance vocaliser voices, when nvda start, the voice is corectly selected I can see it on my braille display but no sound is coming out. I must go to the nvda setting, do tab two time to go on the buton to change the synthetiser, and do enter, then untile  the next reboot of nvda, it's runing well.

if someone can have any idea to change it...

thank again for your help.

best regard.

Le 18/04/2022 à 17:23, Rui Fontes a écrit :
What is stated in the User Guide is:

You just need to install the USB drivers...

So, please remove the add-on not working restart NVDA and try again selecting the correct Seik entry on the Braille display selection list...

Rui Fontes

Às 09:12 de 18/04/2022, blind vador escreveu:
Hello everyone.

Am new in this mailing list and haven't so much practice with this kind of messaging services so I hope I will not brake any rules or any thing else...

Am just in trouble with the latest version of NVDA and with my seika braille display.

it is a seika 40 (seika v5.16)

I have the seika drivers installed on my PC, but when am trying to select it on my braille display seting, I get a error message.

The nvda addon distributed on the seika's website isn't working with the latest version of nvda......

I realy hope I will not be force to buy a new braille display or any thing like that, cause I must use my braille display in my every days life.

Thank for reading, and sorry if someone have ever asked it, I haven't find any answer on line,.

Sorry for my english too, it is not my usual langage, so I just do what I can.

best regard.

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