Re: drag and drop


Having said that, though, dragging-&-dropping for blind folks is
notably inefficient unless there's absolutely positively definitively
no other way to do something. So, Farhan, precisely what is it that
you're trying to accomplish, as there may be a much simpler way than

On 4/19/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
This has been discussed myriad times, and even recently. *Searching a Topics Page/Archive* (

A search on the two words "drag" and "drop" with no and turns up quite a few
topics/posts.  I'd suggest you take a look at TheeQuinn's tutorial she gives
a link to in the first message of the topic: New Video: How to Control your
mouse with NVDA without ever touching it ( )

Other options exist and are turned up if you search.

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