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I tend to agree with the both of you. But then I’m an ESL teacher who has had experience in trying to teach the student the words to say and or right in order to ask the questions needed to get the task done. That is not an easy job. Anyway, hopefully the person will answer and say what they needed to do. Good luck on knee surgery, Bryan.




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On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 02:46 PM, Jackie wrote:

So yes--while I certainly concur that searching the archives is going to be helpful, knowing what he wishes to do might help us guide him in an even more productive direction he doesn't know to ask about. Sometimes the hardest thing is genuinely not knowing what you don't know, if you get my drift--& then
how can you ask or search intelligently regarding it.


I stated, explicitly, that your request for clarification is an excellent addition in circumstances like this one.

As to "not knowing what you don't know," the best way I've found to get a grip on that, too, is to search and read a bit.  This will result in one of two things, at a minimum:
- clarification about what it is you don't know, and how to better focus your question or questions
- additional confusion, sometimes terrible, but at least then you can say you're really confused and that you've had a look at references X, Y, and Z which have only left you more confused.

I'm never, ever going to change my position after all these years of teaching and tutoring that independently trying to get a grip around what it is you wish to ask about before asking about it, when it's something that anyone with a lick of common sense knows has been asked and answered a thousand thousand times, is the only way to go.  When that step has been taken, if the answer has not already been determined, you usually end up being able to better focus your questions, which really helps both those who need assistance and their assistants.

Even "drag and drop" covers a huge, huge territory.  And I'm not complaining about the topic title, as that zeros in on the region, but ideally the clarification you've now requested would have been a part of the original message.  Specificity is really necessary in the vast majority of instances where technical assistance is being requested.

Off to do pre-hab for my total knee replacement, which will be here very soon indeed!

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