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Farhan, you didn't annoy anyone. It's just without additional
information, we can't help you as well as we might, that's all.

On 4/20/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Gene,  Thanks.  As I suspected, if this is the site, it's members only.

One of the biggest issues with discussing drag and drop in general is that
there are multiple ways it can be implemented and that has a direct impact
on how screen readers may (or may not) successfully interact with it via
emulated drag and drop.

Here are several different example pages that use different methods for
anyone who wishes to play with them to try:

I have done zero accessibility testing with them, either.

The above pages are in no way comprehensive in that there are other methods
to implement drag and drop.  And I have no idea how the site Farhan wishes
to use has chosen to implement its own drag and drop functionality.

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