Re: Formatting issues in Word, add-on?


Have you used NVDA + f to look at your font? It'll say those attributes.

On 4/20/22, Janet Brandly <jbrandly@...> wrote:
Hello all,

Is there an addon for Word that works with the latest NVDA and Windows Ten?

My job requires me to use a Word template in an old version of Word, I'm
pretty sure it's 1997-2003. This template is on a transcription platform. I
write within the template and submit it through the platform. When I
between Ctrl-U or Ctrl-I for underlining or italics, NVDA often reports
incorrect status. It usually says that they are on each time. This has
caused the formatting of documents I submit to be incorrect and I'm not
whether I can trust the report formatting command NVDA-F. Is there an addon
that would work reliably to prevent this problem?

Thank you,


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