Re: Formatting issues in Word, add-on?


Another way of reliably toggling on formatting attributes is simply to
select the text you wish to format, then press the appropriate
keystroke, ie, ctrl b, ctrl i, etc. The formatting change will not
extend beyond the selected text.

On 4/20/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
This may be something that should be submitted as a ticket.  When I
italicize a sentence and use read to end, I accurately hear when italics
begins and ends.  But if I only italicize one word in a sentence, I
don't hear notice of it using read to end.  If I move by word, I hear
the announcement and if I move by character, I hear it.

If you issue a control I command and hear that italics is on, that is
reliable, as is the italics off announcement when you toggle it off.  If
you have confidence in that command, you should be able to trust that,
regardless of what you hear announced while reading.


On 4/20/2022 11:14 AM, Janet Brandly wrote:

Hi Gene,

Yes, when I toggle the underline and italics keys NVDA always says
that they are on. so I can’t trust it.


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I did a little experimenting and I got the following results:
Turning on report formatting changes in front of the cursor didn't
tell me if italics were present in a document.
Turning on phont  attributes did tell me when italics are on and off,
but only when using read to end.

My experience regarding when italics is on and off is that the command
control i reliably toggles italics on and off.  Do you hear any
announcement from NVDA when you toggle it on and off?


On 4/20/2022 10:52 AM, Gene wrote:

It wasn't clear to me in the previous discussion whether you were
referring to the setting I discussed.  If you were referring to
something else, I hope you find my suggestion useful.


On 4/20/2022 10:49 AM, Gene via wrote:

Have you tried reading a document or the part you are working
on with the setting on that says something like report
formatting changes after the cursor?  I haven't played with
different ways of getting attribute information to any extent
but you may find that a good method to see changes as they
occur in a document.

the setting is a checkbox at the end of the document
formatting dialog.  The fastest way to get to it is to open
document formenting, then shift tab a number of times to it.

When you have finished working with it, you can turn it off
with one command, the use saved configuration command, NVDA
key control r.

On 4/20/2022 10:31 AM, Janet Brandly wrote:

Hi Jackie,

Yes, I have used that command but with the formatting not
being toggled on and off correctly I'm not sure whether or not to trust
that command's accuracy. Brian has given me some e great suggestions.


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Have you used NVDA + f to look at your font? It'll say those

On 4/20/22, Janet Brandly<jbrandly@...>
<mailto:jbrandly@...> wrote:

Hello all,

Is there an addon for Word that works with the latest NVDA
and Windows Ten?

My job requires me to use a Word template in an old
version of Word,

I'm pretty sure it's 1997-2003. This template is on a

platform. I write within the template and submit it
through the

platform. When  I toggle between Ctrl-U or Ctrl-I for
underlining or

italics, NVDA often reports incorrect status. It usually
says that

they are on each time. This has caused the formatting of
documents I

submit to be incorrect and I'm not sure whether I can
trust the report

formatting command NVDA-F. Is there an addon that would
work reliably

to prevent this problem?

Thank you,



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