Re: Formatting issues in Word, add-on?

Luke Davis

Janet Brandly wrote:

Yes, when I toggle the underline and italics keys NVDA always says that they are on. so I can’t trust it.
I think this may need some deeper analysis.

Open a blank word document.
Toggle on bold, underline, and italics.
After each, toggle it off again immediately.

Does NVDA announce "bold on", "bold off", and so on?

Then, open one of your templates and try the same thing.

Do you get the same behavior as you did in the blank document?

If that does work in your template as it did in the blank document, can you give a step by step example of a case wherein it doesn't work?

I have run into situations where one of those toggles has reported the opposite of what I expect, but this has always been the result of operator error.

Also, I have never known NVDA+F not to be accurate, assuming all of the correct attributes are set in document formatting.

And no add-on is likely to do better, since it will be using the same information sources.
Turning UIA on or off might get you more information in certain cases, but not this one.


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