Re: Formatting issues in Word, add-on?


Janet, I'm just thinking out loud now, & that is always a dangerous
thing for me, because, as my dad always used to tell me, thinking was
beyond my pay grade. However, since I'm not being paid right now...

MS 365 is an online platform. I'm wondering if there's any possibility
that the delay introduced by that is what is causing some or all of
your problem.

I don't even know if this would interest you, but a possible solution
at this time might be MS Office 2021 available through Stack Social
for about $50 USD. Normally this runs about $350 USD, so it's a very
good deal. & no, I don't have any affiliation w/them, financial or
otherwise. I wouldn't wait long on this 1 though, if it's at all of
interest. You can get it at:

If the online venue is indeed introducing transfer delays & causing
your problems, then this might be a solution at a very reasonable

If you do get it, you'll want to go into tools > options & disable a
lot of crap & fix up other options. That includes nuking the start
screen, as it's a pain in the anatomy.

If this is totally off the wall, then please accept my apologies in
advance. But you should probably realize that this is coming from
someone who recently nuked a server because of online delays, ie, I
wasn't where I thought I was. This happens w/everyone, but screen
readers tend to make it more pronounced.

On 4/21/22, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:
I thought she said the version of word the document was formatted was
1997-2003. Not the version of word. That is how I understood it anyway


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Hii: The first message Janet sent, she said it was Word 97 / 103. Which
would make me think it is a version from either 1997 and up to 2003, which
means that she isn't sure which version from back in that time frame


On 4/21/2022 4:01 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
Janet Brandly wrote:

Yes, when I toggle the underline and italics keys NVDA always says
that they are on. so I can’t trust it.
I don't think anyone asked or you said: what version of word? I.e.
And are there any updates you can apply?


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