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Betsy Grenevitch

I am not trying to cause trouble but am trying to figure out why it is not NVDA related when it is NVDA I am using so I need commands that work with NVDA? Again, I not trying to cause problems but just do not get how that is not NVDA related.

Thanks for the address.

On 4/21/2022 3:05 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, Betsy,


The address for the chat group is That's where you can discuss programs like go to meeting and other things that aren't really NVDA-related.


Hope this helps.






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I am confused. Is that a different list? If so, what is to be discussed on this list and what is the address where you sign up for that list to which you refer? thanks.


On 4/21/2022 2:13 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


Glad to hear you've found the notes you've needed.   Just a gentle reminder that questions about how to use applications, be they web applications or installed ones, are Chat Subgroup topics.

And I'm issuing this reminder more for the entire readership than for you, as we've now got a pretty good thing going where those who do have application specific questions have been posting them to the Chat Subgroup where extensive discussion can be had if needed.

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