Re: I can't turn off NVDA


You may need an admin do it for you.

I am setting nvda on a system that will not be needed so I plan to do it from start.

However when I ever setup a system on a computer that like needs it, I tend to make my configs, set it up with the addons I need, make the portable, do a transfer and install it.

Its how I usually do it to an active system.

Thats what I do on most cases.

Unless like the system I will be setting it on being a minimal case system used for spaciffic tasks.

Its not going to need everything I usually setup as its going to do a spaciffic set of tasks.

The only time I will need to do anything with it is when I maintain it once a year or more so I don't need the latest everything just the basics.

On 21/04/2022 5:06 pm, David Van Reyk wrote:
I had our ITD department set up NVDA on my work laptop. I think I did this without managing the settings. So at the moment, I can't turn it off when the computer starts up. Once I have logged in I can work without getting the audio descriptors (I am not visually impaired, I am a teacher using it to get user experience).  For the life of me, I can't work out where I modify the settings for NVDA such as setting up what keystroke protocol to use to turn NVDA off and on. Apparently, there was a thread but I am struggling to find the thread to read what it says.

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