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On Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 03:08 PM, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:
I am not trying to cause trouble but am trying to figure out why it is not NVDA related when it is NVDA I am using so I need commands that work with NVDA?
Because they are not "commands that work with NVDA."  They are commands for that program that work for that program whether NVDA is involved or not.

During my time as moderator here one of the things I have really been trying to emphasize is that all members need to think, carefully, about "what's in control" when asking about something.  Sometimes this is not necessarily clear, but in this case, it's crystal clear even by the way you originally asked the question.

The fact that CTRL + C (Copy), CTRL + V (Paste), CTRL + X (Cut), CTRL + Z (Undo), and many other commands work when you happen to be using NVDA has absolutely nothing to do with NVDA.  They work whether NVDA, JAWS, Narrator, or no screen reader is involved.  They are (in the case of this short list) Windows commands that are applicable in a wide variety of programs that run under Windows.

I've included a part in the group rules that reads:  It is presumed that the majority of members will be using NVDA, and possibly other screen readers, as part of their daily routine.  This being the case, before you post a message you have to consider whether the question you are about to ask is actually about NVDA itself, or about the program you’re using it to access.  Questions of the form, How do I use . . . with NVDA?, are very seldom about NVDA, but are almost always about the program being accessed with NVDA.

In your specific case, you initially asked, in regard to Go To Meetng, "Could someone please give me the mute and unmute commands?"  Those are commands for that program.  NVDA has nothing to do with muting or unmuting Go To Meeting, you just so happen to be using NVDA to access it.

Believe it or not, having some idea of what are Windows commands, versus individual program/app commands, versus the commands of your chosen screen reader often makes it much easier to figure out where you need to direct your attention and research to get something done.

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