Re: Speech delay in Excel

David Goldfield

Not to mention that he's using an unsupported operating system along with an unsupported version of Excel.
David, where did the version of Eloquence come from? Is it a SAPI version or the addon from Code Factory?
Does the delay occur with other synthesizers?
If there is any possibility that your computer can be upgraded to Windows 10 I would definitely recommend doing this along with upgrading your version of Office either to Microsoft 365 or to a supported perpetual license, such as Office 2019, 2021, etc.

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I don't know why you are having the problem.  I don't know if the Eloquence add-on that you can purchase might cause this problem or if the SAPI 5 Eloquence might have this problem.

I would suggest trying another synthesizer to see if you still have the problem.  E-speak, being very responsive, despite how it sounds, would be a good test and it would be a good test because a lot of people would have that synthesizer available if they want to compare behavior on their machines.

On 4/21/2022 12:40 PM, David Hoff Jr wrote:
I am using:
1. Eloquence reed
2. Windows 7
3. Excel 2003
4. latest version of NVDA

I can remove the colon and the delay is still there.
If I remove the "#" sign the delay goes away.

The delay is slight, but long enough that I often cursor over it
accidentaly. If it were not for NVDA saying "cell" on the empty cells
I would not have caught this. I have punctuation set to the default

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