Re: please help with go to Meeting



One of my favorite quotations that makes an occasional appearance as my signature:

    A sensible person realizes that all principles that can be expressed in a statement of finite length are oversimplified.

          ~ Robert Heppe

Heaven knows when it comes to trying to make generalities about software that observation is absolutely true.  I'm really glad that you caught what I was trying to do was cover what are "general rules" that do have exceptions, but you can usually figure out when you've got one going on (e.g., the single letter browsing commands, which work only in the screen reader, and nowhere else).


Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044  

You can't crush ideas by suppressing them. You can only crush them by ignoring them.
     ~ Ursula LeGuin, The Dispossessed

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