locked Re: Turning off Protected Mode for All files obtained via download in Microsoft Office Programs

Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías

Hi all.
You can disable the protected mode in a document pressing f6 to navigate to a message. Press tab to find the button for enable edition and press enter.
Is possible to disable the protected mode completely from the Word Options, but the protected mode is important for security reasons. In Microsoft Office programs, it is possible to create documents with macros for rung actions automatically.
You can check a document in the protected view to know if it is trustworthy with the browse mode of NVDA (NVDA + space).

El vie, 22 abr 2022 a las 17:48, Christopher-Mark Gilland (<clgilland07@...>) escribió:
1. A friend of mine sendtme a .docx file. When I open it, it's in
"protected" mode, where I can't modify it. How do I turn protection mode
off on that document, like, where in the ribbon do I go to do so?

2. How do I globally in Preferences turn off that feature, so it won't
keep putting documents from various sources into read only mode? I know
it can be done, I'm just failing to recall where it's barried.



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