Re: Strategy for navigating Excel spreadsheets you've never seen before

Rui Fontes

If I am not mistaken, Control+Home and Control+End takes you to first or last cell used...

Control+leftArrow, rightArrow, upArrow or downArrow takes you to next cell occupied, if you are in a blank cell, or last contiguous cell occupied in the direction of the arrow used...

Rui Fontes


Às 00:17 de 23/04/2022, Christopher-Mark Gilland escreveu:

Obviously, a sighted person can just quickly glance at a spreadsheet, and tell which cell is the first in the sheet to have data entered.

Not all cells are going to have data. In fact, I had a sheet the other day that didn't have anything anywhere until I reachedcell J13. So, you can imagine, me trying to sit here and arrow all over the freakin place just trying to figure out some means of home base where the actual data starts. up up, down down, left right, left right, A B, A B, select start. Oh, wait. Just kidding. but in all seriousness, is there a way with NVDA to deal with this, and to maybe somehow detect, and place your cursor inside the first cell found with any data?

That way, you're not going on a major scavenger hunt?


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