Re: Looking for nvda friendly editors that support markdown and spell checking


Well, this isn't exactly NVDA related, so I hope I don't get in
trouble for this, but I think that Writemonkey, (write monkey),
available from:
will do precisely what you need.

Get version 2, though, as version 3 isn't accessible. I'm afraid it's
kind of been abandoned now, but I just tested it, and the spellcheck
ignores the markdown symbols. It supports various types of markdown,
so pick your poison.

Also, it has a very funny splash screen when started, ie, when I
started it up this last time it told me:
"Dogs come when called; cats have answering machines."
So it's always good for a laugh, & who couldn't use more of that?

I'm going to say something here, & really really really might get in
trouble for it, but Markdown is a wonderful tool for blind folks
because it allows quite precise formatting of documents, or at least
those that don't have advanced requirements. We just had a fairly long
thread on this list about the trials and tribulations of formatting
documents using word processors. W/tools like Writemonkey and
Markdown, this becomes a breeze. I'm a real fangirl of Markdown, in
case you can't tell.

On 4/22/22, Pranav Lal <pranav@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I want to write in markdown. However, I am looking for a NVDA friendly
editor that supports spell checking. I do not want to constantly have to
ignore words that have the various markdown characters.

Yes, markdown can be written in any text editor but as far as I have
experienced, the spelling checkers flag the marked text as errors which is

This requirement is for an article I am writing for a friend's blog. My
other option is to write the article in Microsoft word and then convert it
to markdown.


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