Re: Eloquence and Punctuation Announcement


I have an expired Eloquence but I can still look at the control panel.  There is a check box that says process punctuation.  It is not checked by default and I doubt it has been.  But if it has, uncheck it and see if that makes any difference.


On 4/23/2022 9:17 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I believe there is a setting to overwrite nvda, but darned if I can remember
where. Try launching the eloquence control panel and see where you get.  I
recall something about punctuation there. 


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Kenny Cheung wrote:

tried that and I'm still having the same issue. should I try and uninstall
and reinstall NVDA? Is their a way to reset the punctuation's?

Unless you do a full clean of NVDA's config directory in the process, this
won't help.
Have you tried making a portable NVDA without including existing settings?
If that has the same problem after you set it to use Eloquence, there's a
good chance that re-installing NVDA won't help.

One thing I'm wondering, is if the Eloquence control panel has some sort of
feature that can override how NVDA wants it to pronounce things.

I don't have it to test with, but you could go through its settings and see
what you come up with.

I also don't know if every version of Eloquence has its own separate


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