Re: Looking for nvda friendly editors that support markdown and spell checking

Mobeen Iqbal


I know it's not exactly an editor, but the Quick Notetaker add-on for NVDA is an interesting add-on that allows you to write notes in markdown. You can then preview the output before you save it. It's really handy if you quickly want access to an environment where you can use markdown. You can get it from:



On 23/04/2022 04:31, Luke Davis wrote:
Brian Vogel wrote:

I seem to recall that Sarah A. is a huge fan of Markdown, too, so I expect she may chime in about
what editor or editors she's using for Markdown that are also accessible with NVDA.
As am I. But I am more a consumer of this topic than a contributor, as my editor of choice is nano under Linux. Does spell checking and otherwise leaves the text alone.

Notepad++ can do it of course, but I have never tried spell checking in that (it probably has a plugin).

I have been looking for something to handle Markdown in Windows for a while, but more on the rendering side (to preview a document).


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