Re: any work updating the speech history addon, formally clip copy, to the new NVDA 2022? #addonrelease #addonrelease



I bet the first result that came up was systray List add-on entry from Can you:

  1. Tell us the version of Systray List add-on you have?
  2. Try installing Add-on Updater and see if detects newer versions of add-ons you've got?

If it is what I suspect is happening, then I guess I need a reminder from someone to post a community-wide message about add-ons and updating them. As Gene pointed out, 2022.1 is in beta phase, and add-on authors are aware of making add-ons compatible with changes introduced in 2022.1 (at least folks subscribed to a certain NVDA related list or two in addition to this forum).



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