NVDA 2022.1 and add-ons: compatibility updates


Hi all,

This thread is a continuation of an earlier post from me regarding NVDA 2022.1 and your favorite add-ons. To avoid attaching dates to thread titles, I’m making it a bit more general (see the title) so updates can be posted without creating new threads.


On behalf of NVDA add-ons community, I’m happy to report that more than 40 percent of add-ons registered on community add-ons website (addons.nvda-project.org) are compatible with upcoming NVDA 2022.1 release. Notable in this update is that most of Tony Malykh’s add-ons such as Sentence Nav and Bluetooth Audio are now compatible. As always, keep track of compatibility status of your favorite add-ons from the following link:

Add-ons and backwards incompatible NVDA releases (nvda-project.org)


Notice that some add-ons are marked “testing in progress”. This means the author have released a development version of add-ons and waiting for NVDA 2022.1 is released before releasing a stable version to users.


An important reminder before coming back to post compatibility updates later:

One way to keep add-ons updated is with help from add-ons such as Add-on Updater. If you haven’t installed this add-on, I urge you to please, please, PLEASE install it. Add-on Updater can be found here:

Add-on Updater (nvda-project.org)


Whenever a new stable version of NVDA is released (including backward compatibility breaking release), Add-on Updater is one of the first add-ons declared compatible. Or, for that matter, if you rely on add-ons, do NOT start testing beta releases (especially year.1 beta releases) UNTIL Add-on Updater is updated (I heard that the person responsible for Add-on Updater keeps a close eye on add-on compatibility).

Thanks, and please stay safe and healthy (we are still going through a pandemic).



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