Re: NVDA and AOL mail


On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 10:45 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
At this point, besides moving to Gmail and other alternatives, I think it would be best to advise the student to completely reinstall NVDA, including ersetting settings to defaults and removing user settings data.
Seriously, Joseph, how would removing NVDA help?  Not that it would hurt, but unless this person has done scads of settings tweaks to NVDA that they did not otherwise want, and that did not solve the problem, I don't see what removing NVDA accomplishes.

Setting up an email client with her AOL account will work just fine if she absolutely, positively insists on using an AOL account.

There's nothing in this topic that precedes our offerings this morning that suggests much of anything was tweaked in regard to NVDA itself.

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