Re: nvda and thunderbird send later

Ron Canazzi

Hi William,

I am not sure what is actually happening here. When I open a new message for composition, write it and then either use the file menu or the hotkey control + shift + enter, I hear nothing, but I see the message in the outbox and can send it at any time I chose after words by choosing the send unsent messages from the file menu with alt + F followed by D.  This is where we need sighted eyes to tell us exactly what is happening: Brian are you listening?

On 4/28/2022 9:50 PM, William wrote:

not sure if this is a nvda bug or thunderbird bug.

According to the user support page of thunderbird, user can trigger send later and select a scheduled time and date that the email to be sent later, by pressing ctrl shift enter or selecting from the file menu.

But after pressing the above hotkey or choosing the function from the file menu, nvda cannot access the time and date selector of the thunderbird, which NVDA just says unknown.



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