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Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

OK, the only reason I asked for your eyes was that apparently some blind people on the list thought there should be some sort of dialogue appearing that NVDA did not detect.  I didn't mean any offense to you.

On 4/29/2022 10:30 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
The following is not meant to be snarky, as I am always happy to take a literal "look see" and report what's going on, but this is a situation where it's expected that the end user (and that included me) familiarize themselves with how a given feature works when the results you think you should have don't show up.

I had no idea "Send Later" existed.  When I did my first two test messages with it I had no idea where they'd disappeared to, and they could not be found with a Thunderbird message search.  I had to do a web search to find that article on where messages go when "Send Later" is used.

I have, both visually and via narration by NVDA, absolutely nothing indicated to me as a sighted end user when "Send Later" is employed.  It was as much a mystery to me as it has been to many of you.  The only reason I have any idea of what Thunderbird is doing with these messages is having found that article.  The only value added here from me is telling you that we, the sighted, do not get any sort of additional cue about what happens when you choose "Send Later" than a screen reader user does.  The message just gets silently (as in no dialog of any sort) shuttled to the local Outbox.  And as that article from way back in 2014 indicates, that's as mystifying to those of us who can see as it is to you all, particularly if the local Outbox folder is so low on the folder tree that it is not visible unless you scroll to it, which is how it is in my instance of Thunderbird, since I have two Gmail accounts with many IMAP folders/labels associated with each.

I'd have no idea of how this was supposed to work without having done that web search.  And now that I do know how it works I find it to be a mystifying feature that serves no purpose that saving a completed draft doesn't.  If you could actually schedule a time for sending later, that would be another matter, not that I would likely use that feature, either, but at least it has a fully separate function.  I prefer that a message I've completed, but don't want to send right now, stays in Drafts.

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