Re: Trying to find where to click to register for a master class


I tried pressing enter on a get instant access control both in Brave and Firefox and in both cases, I was placed in a form to enter information and submit it.

Don't assume that you can't or shouldn't try things just because a screen-reader doesn't identify some thing as clickable, a link, a button, etc.  If text makes sense to try to press enter on or use the simulated mouse, in other words try different things, then try it.  Using the Internet to its fullest means not assuming your screen-reader will tell you everything in terms of identifying every control as a control.  Try something if it is logical to do so and you think it is safe.


On 5/1/2022 1:32 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
Pranav Lal wrote:

I am trying to register for the master class mentioned at the below link.
I cannot find where to click to register. Does such a place exist or is it
one of those screen reader invisible floating buttons?
In Firefox, I was able to press enter on any of the "get instant access" non-buttons. It pops up an automatically-talking form to fill in.


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