can't navigate using arrow keys in any edit fields

VI Techability

Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well. today I am here with a problem. I am using latest version of nvda with windows 11. I am facing totally a strange problem.
whenever i write something on any edit fields or in any other wordprocessing softwares like word and notepad, I can't use arrow keys to navigate through the characters words or anything. i tried to fix this on my own but I am not being able to.  i tried to reset nvda to its factory settings but still the problem can be seen after sometime. Ialso tried turning on  speak command keys using nvda key + 4 when it got turned on nvda announce as hover hover continuously. so is there a way to fix this problem. please help me. i tried swiping on the screen and the problem got fixed for a while but it is not permanent. hoping for your reply thanks

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