Bookworm and Issues with it: Please take this to the Chat Subgroup


The initial question was about getting a version of Bookworm that would work with NVDA, and not knowing whether there were old versions that might not, that question falls squarely into the mission of the NVDA group.

I appreciate all that everyone has done to help each other out as well, but that doesn't change the fact that virtually every ongoing Bookwork topic is about technical support for Bookworm itself, having no direct connection of any sort to NVDA.

Please take this conversation, and those of a similar nature, to the Chat Subgroup.  One of the reasons, and from history it seems to be the primary one, for its existence is to allow extended conversations about off-topic subjects among members of this community who wish to engage in same.  How to use Bookworm and how to get Bookworm to install is not NVDA related - it's about Bookworm.

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