Re: code factory vocalizer/eloquinse addon



You, and all members, need to understand that most commercial software makers, and quite a few of the non-commercial developers of NVDA software, are not, do not, and will not, be issuing add-ons compatible with any given NVDA version to the public until and unless it is a released version.

Using either alpha, or beta, software often means you will not have a number of the add-ons you are accustomed to having.  You sometimes won't even have them when the software reaches the Release Candidate stage or until shortly after the new release is actually released as the production version.

This add-on already has a testing version in the pipeline.  It's not going to be released to the general public until NVDA 2022.1 goes live as the production version.  If you must have this add-on, do not use alpha or beta software versions.  

If you need to have any specific add-on guaranteed to function with NVDA, do not use alpha or beta versions of NVDA.  I want this idea to become lodged in the craniums of each and every member of this group.  You simply cannot expect either alpha or beta versions of any given piece of software to have exactly the same overall support, particularly from third-party add-ons, as its production counterpart.  That virtually never happens.

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