Re: I've really managed to mess up my Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Larry,

Are you sure you didn't activate the message pain window by accident? If so , the press "F8 to deactivate it. If you have it activated, you must tab past it with every message to see the full message body.

On 5/2/2022 9:45 PM, Larry Higgins wrote:
OK, please permit me to either clarify, or muddy the waters, as well as your understanding about this mess I've managed to create for myself.

I am not suggesting that this happened due to anything to do with the addon, only that was what my major preoccupation at the time happened to be.

The real problems seem to be these, that I can't simply begin reading a message from the top, but have to tab around to begin to be in any position to hear any of the message read to me at all. the screen looks more like a web page than a message screen.

Also, I cannot reply to any message unless I tab down to the reply and press enter on that link. I cannot reply by using the ctrl+R key. Just down right weird.

I just want my normal presentation back. I am pretty sure that it is the same one that the rest of you are using.

I also hope I'm not replying to the wrong message, but to myown.

OK, I'll stop now before making an absolute ass of myself.

I'm sure there must be a solution, but be it far from me ...

I don't seem  to be able to bring up anything like browse mode in this situation, but I can still  work with it with my Edge created Google app.

On 5/2/2022 8:20 PM, Larry Higgins via wrote:
Oh Listers,

While playing trying to install an addon, I have managed to completely mess up the view/presentation in Thunderbird. In other words, I no longer get the usual presentation of the message body, where I can immediately begin reading, but a whole lot of clutter about threads, an dconversation and such when I tab through the message  trying to locate the message body. This is the same no matter what screen reader I might use.

When I press enter on a message, I can no longer just arrow down through it, nor use read all to read it. Nothing but silence until I tab, and finally run into the message body by using a combination of tab and arrow keys.

I have tried all kinds of views, as well as  to get back to normal by moving from simple HTML, original HTML, as well as plain text, but no go. I can find nothing like default settings to fall back on.

I am using Windows 10, and of course NVDA, and have also tried working with JFW, but with no success.

Please help!,


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