Re: Disturbing NVDA Remote Rumor: any ruth or verification?


It strikes me that the add-on is apparently not developing anymore. See their issue tracker at

Artin Dekker
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Op 10-10-2016 om 16:43 schreef Buddy Brannan:

Just saw this on Facebook:

All of my blind NVDA friends: If you have used, currently use or plan on using NVDA remote, I recommend you stop now and remove it. There is at least one exploit where someone can crash a system, whether or not it is enabled to be controlled. This exploit is being used by Tyler Spivy, one of the authors of the project. Many more may exist and through an inspection of the code probably do. Please circulate this to as many people as possible. Thanks.

Disturbing if true. Given some of Tyler's past exploits, well, one would hope he'd grown up since those. If true, this certainly won't help open source in general, NVDA in particular, or future crowdfunding for AT.

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