Re: I've really managed to mess up my Thunderbird

Larry Higgins

Well Gene, I never managed to get the Thunderbird addon installed, but did get the columns addon installed for NVDA, and it really looked like I had something. At least I had the read and unread labels set at the beginning of the message columns presentation.

Now I can't be sure that might have had nothing to do with it, but at the time, it didn't appear so.

Now my messages are opening up in another window, and in that setting, I have quite a bit of screen clutter, but at least I can read my mail.

I am using the reply to all option on the messages web page looking presentation in that window to send this reply.

Thank God I'm not completely out of the saddle, but it just isn't anything like the way I prefer my environment to look like or function.

Hopefully I have given you and anyone else who could add some helpful suggestions enough details to work with.

And yes, I was considering uninstalling the whole program.

I was reading an article going back to 2013 suggesting that one in this circumstance could uninstall a couple of settings and configuration files, but considering the changes that Thunderbird goes through over time, I'm definitely hesitant to do any of that.

Surely there has to be a way.

BTW, I really don't wish to discuss this topic here on this list, especially due to the fact that this is probably not even close to an NVDA issue, so if any of you could just send suggestions to the address below, that would most likely be preferable to all concerned.


Thanks a bunch,


On 5/3/2022 12:01 AM, Gene wrote:
I doubt that uninstalling and reinstalling Thunderbird would solve the problem unless you do more than just a typical uninstallation. Thunderbird, as do most programs now, save settings when uninstalled in case the user wants to install and use the program again.  If this is a settings problem, uninstalling and reinstalling should not correct it.

If the wrong add-on has been placed in the program, it may be that uninstalling and reinstalling the program would solve the problem. That may uninstall the add-on.  But if you are using a POP3 account, would you lose the e-mail stored in the program?  I don't know but if you don't want to take a chance, don't uninstall it until you find out.

You could try uninstalling the add-on just to see if that helps.


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