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Curtis Delzer

Hmm, where is the "send later" command?

On 4/28/2022 7:57 PM, Gene wrote:
A correction.

I was confused about the unknown fields.  I have an old version of Thunderbird portable on my machine and the current version.  The current version doesn't have unknown fields either when I am in the main Window or after I issue the send later command and am placed back in the main window.

It appears there is an inaccessible window that comes up when you issue the send later command and that you are placed in the main window.



On 4/28/2022 9:51 PM, Gene wrote:
I looked and I didn't find a different window.  I thought I recalled seeing a number of unknown fields when I hadn't used the send later command and was tabbing around the main window but when I just looked, I didn't see them.  I'm not sure what the case is.  I did see three or four unknown fields after I used the send later option and they may be the fields you would use to set when the message is sent.


On 4/28/2022 9:37 PM, Gene via wrote:
A correction.  When I send a message after using the send later command, the message I have deferred isn't sent.  That message needs to be sent as I described earlier or as Ron described.


On 4/28/2022 9:34 PM, Gene via wrote:
If that's what the support page says, it may be incorrect.  While NVDA does say unknown when you are in the main program window and you tab around to many fields you wouldn't use for e-mail, I see no evidence that you are given the chance to select a time and date to send a message.  When I use the send later command, as far as I can tell, I am placed in the message list, where I was before I started a new message.  I can up or down arrow in the list of messages just as I would otherwise.  When I use JAWS, more fields are read but nothing that I can tell having a bearing on when to send messages.

If other people know differently, and if they are following the thread, we may find out.

Meantime, the messages evidently just sit there in the outbox until I send another message or until I open the program again. At that time, I get a do you want to send now or later dialog.


On 4/28/2022 8:50 PM, William wrote:

not sure if this is a nvda bug or thunderbird bug.

According to the user support page of thunderbird, user can trigger send later and select a scheduled time and date that the email to be sent later, by pressing ctrl shift enter or selecting from the file menu.

But after pressing the above hotkey or choosing the function from the file menu, nvda cannot access the time and date selector of the thunderbird, which NVDA just says unknown.



Curtis Delzer

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