Re: I've really managed to mess up my Thunderbird


Then, Luke, you, in addition to Gene, are reading things that aren't there.

I am not going to backpedal or apologize for reporting on what is, without question, the most common way of handling add-ons/extensions:  within the ecosystems where they apply.  Every major browser these days has a store (or stores, since Edge can use Chrome's store) for extensions, themes, etc., that are handled inside the browser itself.  Thunderbird is very similar.

If I mean to say "the only way" something can be done is {insert way here} you can be quite certain that I will be abundantly clear on that point.  Under Windows there is virtually no thing that can only be done one way.  But there are many that have "the most common way" often with several additional alternatives.

I am really sick to death of people actually inserting thoughts that are neither expressed nor implied by what I wrote.  I will take my lumps when I express or imply something that is incorrect.  I have apologized and walked back those mistakes, which I'm always ashamed of making, on a number of occasions.  But this is not one of those occasions.  Read the words written, there is nothing that says "only," "exclusively," or anything vaguely similar.  I take it as a given that every reader here already knows that there are generally multiple proverbial roads to Rome when working under Windows and with software that runs under it.  I out and out refuse to have to state that each and every time I discuss a way, not the only way, of doing something!

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