Re: Naming Conventions in the NVDA Voice Dialogue

David Goldfield

I do agree with Nermin and, while I don’t necessarily consider this to be the most important issue to consider, renaming some of these options might make NVDA’s interface to be a bit more intuitive to newer users. I think that the variant option might be more understandable if it could be called Person or Voice with the Voice list being renamed something like Language? I may do a search for this on the Github page and file it as a feature request if it hasn’t already been done.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Naming Conventions in the NVDA Voice Dialogue


I'm not familiar with the original decisions as to the naming, however, the exact options do depend on the synthesizer in use.

eSpeak NG uses both options.  I currently have:

Voice: English (Great Britain)

Variant: Max


OneCore only uses voice, which is currently Microsoft George on mine.  Although the language isn't specified, each language includes usually two voices (Male and female) - so I could switch between male and female voices of the one language, or change languages entirely by altering the "voice" here.


Microsoft SPeech API Version 5.  Works similar to OneCore, although the list does include mention of the language of each voice, eg: Microsoft David - English (United States)


I haven't double checked other synthesizers just now, but my understanding is that some synthesizers will have options to alter one or the other.






On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 12:38 PM Nermin via <> wrote:


maybe this is something Joseph Lee can shed a light on. Ever since I've
had to switch synthesizers in NVDA, and I've been using the software
since 2007 or so, I've wondered why "Variant" is variant, and "voice" is

To explain this a bit, the "Voice" combo box will effectively switch the
synthesiser language, while "variant" switches the current voice.

So, for consistency, wouldn't it be better to just rename them?

I'd assume that the naming convention came into being when ESpeak gained
popularity and Jonathan Duddington was still on the then NVDA list.





Quentin Christensen
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