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Hi Marisane

I have not been up there for a while to have a look on how to navigate it with NVDA. I did notice they changed the layout and found it hard to navigate it. It is like a page at a time.

Any how I ended up putting mozilla thunder bird onto the pc. I then looked up the settings which if i remember right it got automatically and now download the emails to mozilla thunder bird now.

If you do want to put on mozilla thunder bird check out the following page at

I am using the same setup now with mozilla thunder bird.

I might even sus it out with nvda on the website to see what it is like.

I know when I used one browser it was better than the other.

Gene nz

On 11/10/2016 7:51 AM, Marisane Moruthanyana wrote:

Hi guys


I need your help here.


I am using nvda as my screen reader.


I am stuck with


It seems to have been terrifically changed and become inaccessible with nvda.


I just cannot navigate the interface and am always stuck.


Would you please help?


What is access bridge?


How does it work?


Where is it found?


Am I right to say that has gone too java?


Will access bridge help in this regard?


Your helpis appreciate in advance.


With respect


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