Re: Sharing large files

Luke Davis

Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

I need to share a large zip file of 150mb with a colleague on a regular basis. Can you suggest a file transfer system that is accessible and could carry
such a large file?
I used to use Dropbox but that does not seem to work any more.
Why do you say that? I use Dropbox on a daily basis.
It is even installable, though with some difficulty, with the help of the Dropbox add-on for NVDA.

That aside, iCloud works fine.

I know many blind people who use WeTransfer and SendTransfer.

Lastly there is, which last I heard, will give you 10 GB of free space, and from my, admittedly limited, uses of it, has appeared accessible.

There are others, including some new one with end to end encryption with keys stored on your local machines, but I haven't tested that for accessibility yet. They bill themselves as the Signal of file transfer services.


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