Re: trouble navigating and reading web pages.


Try this and see if it works better.

In NVDA preferences, settings. Now go down to advance and tab, hit space bar to open the options up.

now tab to Use UI with Microsoft edge and other chrome based browsers. Now set that to no. Tab to apply and then to ok.

now open edge and see if you get any problems.

I have had that turned off for the past 2 years with no problems. With it on browsers of any kind are not usable.

On 5/4/2022 11:20 AM, Jo Collingwood via wrote:

Hi, I am having trouble navigating and reading web pages. I have the latest download version of NVDA  and am using office 365. I have tried using google chrome and microsoft edge to no avail!  when pressing enter on a chosen item from the search box, I have to then use tab to skip to main menu. H doesn't work to move through heading I have to use tab and NVDA reads the headings but will not read any content  on any page when I press numberpad plus or Ins down arrow. The arrow keys move the screen up or down but doesn't announce anything. I have watched tutorials on  you tube but they don't offer any ideas. Please can you offer me any suggestions as I am becoming very frustrated. Thanks Jo

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