Re: Punctuation


From the Moderator:  I simply cannot believe we are going through another spin cycle on this, again.  A 29 message topic, Exclamation Mark


, from March already covered all of this and Mr. Beasley has not supplied requested information nor methodically changed settings as requested.  Mr. Beasley, you are on warning, either follow the instructions you are offered, and report back on exactly what is occurring, or I will lock this topic and put you on by-message moderated status.

When you ask for assistance, it is expected that you will cooperate with your assistants and report back, accurately, on the results of having done so.

And if you are using Windows 10, you do have Narrator built-in for quick testing with the same OneCore voice you are using.

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You can't crush ideas by suppressing them. You can only crush them by ignoring them.
     ~ Ursula LeGuin, The Dispossessed

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