Re: Reading and editing footers in Word with NVDA

Sandra Pilz

Hi Quentin, Luke, and Sarah,


Thank you for your replies.


I’m using NVDA Version 2021.3.4 and Word (Version 2204 Build 16.0.15128.20158).


I have tried editing footers again and am able to do it as long as the footer I’m trying to edit doesn’t contain a table. When I wrote my first Email, I had tried editing a footer including a table and didn’t think of removing the table to see if the table caused my problem.



I can edit the footer including the table when UIA use in Word isn’t selected, I can’t when it is selected.


Kind regards



Am 05.05.2022 um 05:55 schrieb Quentin Christensen:

I just tested on:

Windows 10 (64-bit) Version: 21H2 (2009), Build: 19044.1645
Office 365 (64-bit) Version: 16.0.15128.20140

And using either NVDA 2021.3.5, or NVDA 2022.1Beta4, everything works as expected with UIA enabled (2021.3.5) or set to "Always"  (2022.1beta4).

I can add or edit footers and read the text.

Which build of Office and version of NVDA are you using?

Kind regards


On Thu, May 5, 2022 at 7:51 AM Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:

I'v enot seen that seeint as of yet myself, I'll have to see if I have that on my windows computer which I'm not on at the moment. I'm at work. Yee I get to learn something new when I get out today.

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On 4 May 2022, at 14:25, Luke Davis wrote:

You left out some key information.
What version of NVDA do you have?

You said that the difference occurs when you turn UIA on or off. However, in the most recent versions of NVDA, there is an intermediate setting, which allows NVDA to use UIA only when necessary, and fallback to IAccessible otherwise.
That sounds like the setting you need here.


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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